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  • Undertaking for Reserved Category Student.
  • Application Form for Reserved Category Student.

Every Reserve Category Student download above form, should be filled and submit at the time of Admission.

Mascot Technologies is the pioneer in e-smartschool Project. Incepted in the year 2002, the company through rigorous Research and Development, had conceptualized ERP software to help boost the quality and delivery of education system.

The solution caters to the in-house requirements of the Campus addressing to various aspects of management. The concept involves the students and parents for their right to get information timely and as per the convenience of all the segments of education system. Nevertheless, the solution addresses to the cost saving for students and campus management to create such a huge data of information which is at any point of time helpful for various reporting of the system.

The Solution educes the human dependence and eliminates negligence and gives full proof real-time authenticated information on all the walks of campus life suitable for all the community factors like management, students, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, associates of the campus and parents. The concept e-smartschool endeavors towards ‘eugenics’.

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